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Run faster Run splits with Roy Hinnen's Run Formula

The RunFormula gives you 25 different Run training sets which are based on your current individual level of performance. Carry out test run over 10km on the 400m track. Fill in your current best time over 10,000m in the orange field in m:ss for 1,000m. For 40:00 min that would be 04:00. After you confirm this through GO, the targets in all sets are calculated individually for you.
Best time (10,000m calculated per 1000m):
Breath deprivation training Run a set of 12-20x 400m on the 400m track at a pace of 8% above your 10km best time. That would be 86-88 seconds for a best time of 40 minutes. In the rests you march for 60 seconds with a dust mask and a blood oxygen saturation level of 88-90%.
Fat spot efficency test Run at the lactate threshold for 2000-10000 metres and determine your speed. Then run three times 2000-10000 metres at this speed and observe how your heart-rate increases. With time and with about eight to twelve weeks of good and extended basic training you will notice in this test that your heart-rate does not increase, or not by very much, during the four repetitions. then you can extend the intervals as you wish.
Heart-performance lactate tolerance Set 1 40/20 sec. KNEE/JUMP, approx. 80/40m, 4-6 repetitions, 30 sec rest. The set starts with 40 seconds of high-knee running. Lift your thighs to horizontal and push off from the front of the foot. The body is leaning slightly forward doing this. Immediately afterwards do 20 seconds of jump running.
Lactate Pull Rest in the intervals: 4 push-ups and 30 seconds of gentle jogging
LegOpener, 80 m, 30-6- repetitions, 40 sec. rest This is run on the 400m track. After you are properly warmed up, you sprint every straight, that is 80 m on the track and jog gently around the bends. Each 400m you sprint 2 times. If you have no aching muscles after that, you were not sprinting hard enough. We want to achieve a slight ache in the muscles, just to keep them from going rusty!
Co-ordination/technique Set 1, 40/60 sec., FROG/SMALL, about 80/220m, 4-6 repetitions, 30 sec rest. Make frog-jumps for the first 40 seconds. Then for 60 seconds change to really small steps with a very high step frequency of 240 ground contacts per minute. Each of these is with 30 seconds rest.
Co-ordination/technique Set 2, 40/20 sec., FOREFOOT/EXPLODE 80/0m, 4-6 repetitions, 30 sec rest. You run for 40s seconds on the front of your feet with stretched knees and paying attention to your push-off. Then stop, go to a wall and "explode" for 20 seconds: lean against a wall with outstretched arms and "sprint". This is at a very high frequency. This is followed by 30 seconds rest.
Co-ordination/technique Set 3, 40/20 sec., BACK/HEEL, about 120/40m, 4-6 repetitions, 30 sec rest. Sprint for 40 seconds backwards with your body upright and extending your heels right out. Vary your stride length from short to long. Turn round and run for 20 seconds with short steps on your heels.
Co-ordination training; HEELS/TOES/SIDE/BACK/KNEES/LINES/JUMPS/FOREFOOT, each 25 m, 2 repetitions, 30 sec rest. This is all about motor skills. Movements are faster or slower and need more or less physical effort according to how they are executed. Run the eight techniques each for 25 metres without rests, then have a short rest of 30 seconds and repeat the whole thing. HEELS: Running on the heels. run with short steps on the heels, ensuring an active arm movement. TOES: Running on the tips of your toes. Reach right up with the hands and run only on tiptoes. SIDE: Side-steps with swinging arms. Jump sideways and allow your arms to swing. the feet meet gently in the air. BACK: run backwards with extended heels. Vary the stride length from short to long. KNEE: Jump-running with high knee-bend. Raise the upper thigh to the horizontal. Lean your body slightly forward. LINES: Line-jumping. From having one leg bent, jump diagonally from line to line. JUMP: Jump-running with a high knee-bend. Jump with a deliberately high knee-bend. Lean the upper body slightly forward and push off strongly from the forefoot. FOREFOOT: Forefoot running with stretched knee , the power coming from the ankles. Use the arms actively and ensure that ground contacts are short and explosive.
5x 8 min., 2 min. rest The guideline here is the eight minutes and not the distance you cover in that time. This can be a nice change from always running given distances. You run eight minutes fast and then have two minutes rest. Take care to keep the pace constant.
40/20 minutes, no rests You run at a very relaxed tempo for 40 minutes on the track. Then you run for 20 minutes, or for as long as you can, at a pace that is 8% above your 10 kilometre best time. Note how far you can keep this pace up for. The aim is to manage the whole 20 minutes. If the details in the formula are correct and you only did the 10 kilometre test recently, it could well be that you reach your end pint after only six to eight minutes. In this case, run the remaining minutes relaxed.
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