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Swim more efficiently with Roy Hinnen’s Swim Formula

The SwimFormula gives you 37 different swim-sets, all based on your current individual level of performance. Complete a swimming test of 500m all-out in the pool and fill in the time in the orange box per 100m, than press the GO button. After you confirm with GO, your targets for all sets are calculated for you.
Time established in swim test:
calculated on 100m in mm:ss:
EYES swim Swim underwater with eyes shut, every 3-5 strokes come up and open your eyes. Imagine you are swimming in a lake! PUSH-UP swim At the edge of the pool, push you whole body up with both arms and slowly back down. 2-12 repetitions.
ARR Swim Arrested swimming, keep both hands linked behind your neck and swim just with both legs. Try to stay as high as possible in the water. PU 1 arm 100L-PAD Crawl, You swim 100 m crawl with paddles and a pullbuoy. After 100 metres and 15 seconds rest change arms. Do the whole thing 8-10 times. You need your paddles in this set to really work your arms.
LEG Swim Leg kick sideways, swim with one arm stretched out in the air (shark-fin) alternating between left and right arm. Try to maintain a steady horizontal water position. PUL Swim Crawl with a Pullbuoy between your feet. Pay attention to your tumble turn try not to lose the pullbuoy!
Float-Swim Leg kick with a float, float held upright in the water and pushed down about 20cm below the surface. Push against the pressure with a really strong kick. PUL-FIN Swim Crawl with the pullbuoy between your legs and using fins. Glide as well as you can and reduce your stroke-rate to a minimum.
BREAST-Swim Breast-stroke with a long underwater glide phase, pulling the arms well to the back and glide like a dolphin, breathing before every arm-stroke. BACK L-Swim Backstroke leg-kick with out-stretched arms. Keep your pelvis high and keep your arms well stretched out.
CATCH_UP Swim The hand stays forward until it is caught up by the other hand. See how your stretched out hand stays calmly forward and leads. B-CRAWL Swim Back crawl swimming, try to execute the backstroke leg-kick with a high pelvis.
DOLPHIN-Dive Dive like a dolphin, feel how the palms of your hands and your feet are "bound" together and how they give the forward drive. ROPE-Swim Bind your ankles with a rope and crawl. Try to keep your feet as high as possible without carrying out a leg-kick.
FIST-Swim Make a fist with your hands and crawl. SLOW Swim Swim really slowly, paying attention to how you carry out your movements; try to maintain good body tension, don't sink!
FREQ-Crawl 300 You swim 300 metres crawl and count your arm strokes on every length. The aim is to swim every length with the same number of strokes. In doing this, you are swimming just as well at the end as you are at the beginning. Keep an eye on your time too - that should also be constant! SIRAL-Swim Crawl in polo crawl and turn through 360 degrees left through your body's axis with every stroke. After 25 metres, change to turning to the right without interruption.
FLY Swim Butterfly swimming SPRINT Swim Every 25 metres you swim a flat-out sprint for 6 seconds without breathing.
GOLF-Swim Count your arm strokes on every length and watch the clock closely. Add you swim time to the number of strokes and try to reduce this number on the next length. SWA-Swim Swan-swimming, leg-kick, in crawl position lift both arms up like a swan and kick your legs, breathing left and right.
HOS Swim Hospital-swimming, right hand on left foot, left hand stretched out forwards. Do leg kick with one foot then change sides. Try to maintain a stable water position. DIVE-Swim Dive underwater breast-stroke, completing arm strokes fully and completing long glides like a dolphin.
HYPO-3/4/5/6/7/8/9-Swim Hypoxia crawl swimming. Breathe every 3/4/5/6/7/8/9th stroke. Don't increase the frequency, try to resist the breathing reflex for as long as possible. TEC Crawl Choose two of the following exercises for each repetition which you then execute carefully. Duck belly position, crawl backwards, water-spouting, fist, shoulder-tapping, hip-tapping, zipper, reduction
CRA-Swim The hands are laid sideways on your backside. Kick with crawl leg-kick and breathe alternately in three-stroke breathing. Try to keep the water position as horizontal as possible. TEC Swim Choose two of the following exercises for each repetition which you then execute carefully. Duck belly position, crawl backwards, water-spouting, fist, shoulder-tapping, hip-tapping, zipper, catch-up
PUSH-UP swim 2-12 Push-ups, then a starting dive in to the water with a long glide phase DEAD MAN Lie relaxed in crawl position for 30-45 seconds. Just support yourself at the side of the pool with your feet, relax your shoulders, neck and arms, breathe to the left and to the right.
NO-Swim Crawl without breathing T-SHIRT Swim Crawl wearing an XL t-shirt. There are some swimming pools that won't allow this!
PAD Swim Crawl with paddles POLO Swim Keep your head as high out of the water as possible. Try to make as many strokes as possible when polo-crawling, 4 times as frequently as usual (72 per 25m)
For all exercises you need: Float, pullbuoy, fins, T-shirt, short rope and paddles.
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